Little Carlow Blue Wood Aster, Symphyotrichum cordifolius x novi-belgii 'Little Carlow'

Little Carlow Aster is a cultivar of Symphyotrickum cordifolius and possibly novi-beligii. The range of the parent species, cordifolius, extends from Canada south to the Florida Panhandle and west to Oklahoma. Plants naturally occur in open woods, clearings, along creek banks, deciduous woodland edges and in disturbed roadsides and ditches.

Heart shaped leaves form at ground level and provide a nice groundcover in spring. In early to mid-fall myriads of daisy-like asters cover the plant. Flowers are a bright violet-blue with yellow centers and are attractive to bees, skippers and butterflies. Plants will grow in sunny or partly sunny sites with average garden soil but will not perform well in dense shade.

To encourage strong stems, cut plants back in early summer to about half of the original height.

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