Above the Briery is a small native plant nursery devoted to cultivating vibrant and resilient natural systems.

About a dozen years ago we moved to a little house nestled in several acres of woods and wetlands. Under a canopy of mature trees, many well over 100' tall and 100 years old, there was a dense understory of invasive plants suppressing nearly everything but themselves. Bit by bit I began removing the invasive plants and began to meet the natives. 

Can you imagine finding freakishly fleshy flowers completely hidden under scented leaves,  exploding pods of seeds with bits ants carry off and spread throughout the woods, or following a heavenly scent into muddy wetlands to find lovely orchids? The ongoing effort to control invasive plants has been rewarded by continuing discoveries and a wide variety of native trees, shrubs, vines, ferns, and orchids. 

Developing my interest in native plants and beginning a backyard nursery was a natural progression. The nursery is certified by the NC Department of Agriculture.  Many of the plants offered are local ecotypes from our woods and wetlands. Sales are currently through outlets such as farmer's markets in the area, by pick-up, or delivery if nearby.  Announcements of sales locations are through this site;s calendar and via Facebook -