Coastal Plain Joe Pye WeedEutrochium dubium

Eutrochium dubium, or Coastal Plain Joe Pye Weed, is a herbaceous flowering perennial in the Asteraceae (daisy) family and is native to the eastern coastal plains and wetlands of North America. It grows rather tall, from 3 to 6 feet tall. 

The plant grows easily in a variety of soils from moist, fertile, and humusy to sandy or gravelly and in full sun to part shade. It will not tolerate full shade or dry soil. Also, the leaves may scorch if the soil is allowed to dry out. Light pink to dark purple flowers appear in summer and last through early fall. 

Flowers attract many butterflies and bees such as swallowtails, fritillaries, skippers, bumblebees, and carpenter bees. The seeds provide food for songbirds.

These are local ecotype plants from Kinston, NC

Photo by Liz West. CC BY 4.0

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