Black Haw Viburnum, Viburnum prunifolium

Also known as Blackhaw Viburnum, Nannyberry, Plum Leaf Viburnum

Blackhaw is a native shrub or small tree that may grow 12 to 20 feet tall and nearly as wide. This is a plant with multiple seasons of interest. The spring flowers are large cymes of white blossoms. Berries mature to purplish-black and are eaten by humans, birds, and other forest creatures. It also has lovely fall leaf colors of reds and purples. As other shrubs and trees lose their leaves, Black Haw pops out to provide a bit more color to the landscape.

Blackhaw prefers some shade. It will grow in deep shade, but not bloom in deep shade. It is adaptable to a range of soil types and moisture levels from dry to quite moist. It is also drought tolerant and can tolerate urban conditions. Due to its suckering nature, you can mow down the shoots, or dig them up and plant elsewhere. It is a host plant for Spring/Summer Azure butterflies.

Flower. Photo by Fritz Flohr Reynolds CC BY-SA 4.0.
Look for the heart-shaped leaves in the center of the ph0to. How can you not like a plant that gives you hearts? Photo by K. Mulcahy
Form and fall colors. Photo by K. Mulcahy